Easily read all your subscribed newsletters in one place.

With Add Letter, you can easily import your existing subscribed newsletters and read them all from one place with a better experience.

Discover New Newsletters based on your interest.

Add Letter lets you discover new newsletters to subscribe to based on your interests.Whether it's design, marketing, finance or technology- we have something for everyone!

Manage Newsletters right from the App

Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters in just a couple of taps, and sign up for new ones with your Gmail address and manage new senders right from the app.

Other features you'll love

Save your Favourite Newsletter Editions

Instantly access them at any time on the go. Easily share them with your friends and family.

Setup Custom Notification Time

Set up a personal notification time to catch up on your newsletters. Morning, Evening, Night, Anytime.

Get a Better Reading Experience

We offer a clutter-free experience to read your newsletter in a distraction-free environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Add Letter integrates with your Gmail account, so there is no need to create a new email address, you can easily import your existing subscribed newsletter via Gmail Integration. Which means we will pick and show you a list of newsletters you are already subscribed to and you just need to select which newsletter to show on the app.

Yes, currently Add Letter only supports Gmail Accounts, no worries if you are using another email provider, fill out this form and we’ll let you know when we are ready for your email provider.

Unfortunately No, Add Letter is not a free app, we use the Freemium model, which means some of the features are available for free with some usage limits. Such as – With Free Account you can Subscribe to 10 Newsletters and Save up to 15 Editions.

Add Letter Pro is our premium service where-in you can subscribe and manage unlimited newsletters, it’s Ad-Free and you save up to 15 newsletter editions.

Add Letter’s Early Adopters can get up to 50% Off* on their premium plan when we launch Add Letter Pro Subscription. Want to become an Early Adopter? Fill this form out and our team will contact you soon.

Spend less time managing your emails and more time reading them.

Spend less time managing your emails and more time reading them.

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